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How do you squirt when you cum

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Couldn't find what you looking for? I had no idea I was capable of such pleasure! This is speculation, but depending on how you are stopping the urge to squirt, you may be putting undue pressure on the area and not releasing the smooth muscles that control the glandular tissue. Chelsie loraine porn. My experience —-What I also do sometimes is eat her pussy until she goes into a clitoris orgasm then I quickly change my position into this method of fingering.

Glad I met this post. I don't understand why you are so hung up on squirting. January 21, at 1: Squirting and female ejaculation are two different things, both of which are great.

Photos and Extra Tips July 12, at 1: What you are doing is just fine.

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For example, some women squirt only sometimes. Amy manson nude. I never knew I squirted until I spend hours vibrating my clit. Firstly, you must increase your semen volume. August 21, at 1: June 30, at The reasons I can say for a fact it was not urine and did NOT come from my bladder are the following: December 14, at 4: I always have to pee after I squirt.

Never Yellow, and always on the sweeter side with a slightly viscous non watery consistency to it.

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