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Homemade silicone fleshlight

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Or do you spam tumblr? Much better than other immigrants we have. Making dildos doesn't take any particular skill beyond a knack for 3-dimensional artwork and I mean "artwork" in a very loose sense. Bondage and disipline. I know etsy is kind of oversaturated with mass made products from China, and can't imagine self promoting there would go well.

And besides, I already used up the world's supply of polydimethylsiloxane making up the first one. No-one will know that you have a sex-toy in your hand.

Nice work Will have to try this and with the heat proof silicone can fix oven door. Homemade silicone fleshlight. I didn't have to do any advertising. I screwed a homemade Fleshlight and will never feel clean again By Miles Klee. I made a video about this since people asked so many times:

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And if the video goes a little too fast for you, Big D that's what Erin calls him around the office has got some pictures that will help make the crafting experience slow and intimate.

If I made this I would not fuck it, so you may have my turn. Like most industries, there is a dark undercurrent. Latino sex chat. Why didn't you quit your job and make them full time? In a bottle an filled it up with universal white silicone. I wonder if I could get her to make me one of your devices? I quickly put the recipe into action, mixing a cocktail that was two parts water, one part cornstarch.

I had a journalistic responsibility to find out, as well as a moral obligation to my own dick.

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