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How to learn to swallow cum

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By the way, drinking anything with artificial sweeteners literally makes cum taste like sugar if the taste bothers you. Your gag reflex should only kick in if his dick is down your throat.

The rest comes from the prostate gland. Girl without dress video. I worry about my wife being judgmental with me. How to learn to swallow cum. Thankfully, my wife agrees and does so happily. Funny bc we have a 5 year old son together! That way it's not hanging out in the front of mouth where all my tastebuds are although I don't really mind the tasteespecially since his penis is usually still in my mouth.

Get it down your throat as fast as possible, and it's not a big deal. I think a point I maybe didn't stress enough is whatever happens try not to make a grossed out face then run to the toilet. I have recently been more fascinated by it. They didnt mention that did they?

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A man whose sperm tasted like honey would probably not have any children at all. Helen worth nude pics. That said, having a glass of water nearby might be a good idea for when you're "done". Once I go, I can almost care less what the girl does with it.

When you've finally leaned to go "hands free", you will love and crave the unique and sexy feeling of your lover climaxing in your mouth. I've never tried the pooling method, but might just for, you know, science. How to learn to swallow cum. I would avoid trying it after a night out with lots of beer, cigarettes and hard drinks. Reblogged this on The World Without Us. I used to be insecure and think of it as

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