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Naki sat down in the chair behind her desk as she continued to watch the squirming bodies of her students as they tried to prevent wetting themselves.

As Naki came down from her cloud of bliss, a small trail of her cum made its way down her left leg to the floor were it made a small puddle at her feet. Mixed wrestling x videos. Lucky for her, if she held her legs just so it would be barely visible.

Quickly taking it from the cup-holder, the woman quickly unscrews the cap and hands it to Becky. Alex and Mr Tadakichi However, when she had to travel with the other women on the bus to go to the parade, she began to fidget a little. She felt horrified, but tried not to show it. Girl pee desperation stories. After the 15 min. I have to pee I have to pee Oh help, oh please Why can't they see?

After about 5 min. No the only thing what bothered me was the fact that. If this material either offends you, or if you are under the age of consent in your country, or if you logged on here accidently, then press the BACK button, or close this browser window.

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The first spots actually appeared on the inside of her legs but her crotch quickly darkened and the wetness slowly moved upward.

Don't bother with that Nothing in her entire life had hurt like this and she was almost glad to be able to be free of the intense, stinging pain from her bladder, but as she looked up sheepishly through her tear soaked eyes, she blurrily saw the entire class staring at her, with a few of the other girls giggling at her. Dirty lesbian smut. I did ultimately eat and drink a big soda. Her bladder, sensing her dilemma, didn't co-operate and swelled for a second as Emily started to do low kicks from the barre.

Please, this is really embarrassing! I think that the relief was so great that she really didn't care that I was sitting here watching this all happen less than a couple of feet away. Stories Poems Story Series. Girl pee desperation stories. In a panic, she suddenly remembered that she had gone to class wearing just her leotard and tights, not bringing a pair of warm ups or a skirt or anything.

Pee streamed out of her crotch, flowing directly down onto the gravel of the parking lot.

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